Friday, June 6, 2014

Lebron James press conference

Lebron on Social Media Crticism and Gatorade Tweet

I Dont care , i really don't care what people say about me . I dont care about that sports drink group that had something to say ,

on Playing Conditions

"They were extreme conditions , I've never played in an NBA game like that " I saw fans waving fans because of the heat thats when i knew this was something different

on Cramps

I've had alot of them in High School ,I did everything i could do to prepate for it . it was just one of those nights . I'll be ready for Game 2 on Sunday

Lebron trolled by Gatorade after cramping in 4th Quarter

Gatorade took advantage of Lebron's cramping in the 4th quarter and poked a little fun at Lebron and Powerade who is currently endorsing the Miami Heat star

Lebron James gets cramps and carried off court