Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Paul George diagnosed with Concussion , must get clearance to play in game 3

The Pacers announced Wednesday that Paul George suffered a concussion after taking a knee to the back of the head from Heat guard Dwyane Wade Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals .

George must now enter the NBA’s concussion protocol, which requires a player be symptom-free fpr 24 hours and cleared by an independent doctor before he can return .

George took to the knee to head as seen above with about 4 minutes left in the 4th Quarter he then returned to the game . Later he told reporters that he had blacked out and had blurry vision

George then underwent further testing today as was told by a Neurologist that he had indeed suffered a concussion based on his descriptions post game of losing consciousness .

The Pacers have released a statement that they followed NBA protocol before allowing George to reenter the game but that George had denied any dizziness or blurred vision but was aware of his surroundings .

Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals is set for Saturday in Miami

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Paul George says he blacked out and had blurry vision after taking knee to the head

Indiana Pacers Paul George said he blacked out and had blurry vision for the last 4 minutes of Game 2 vs The Heat after hustling for the ball and taking an inadvertent knee to the back of the head from Dwyane Wade.

Paul George remained in the game after he was checked by Trainers and told he was ok to continue playing .

The Pacers say George will continue to be evaluated over the next several days.

If the team rules George had a concussion he will be subject to the league's concussion protocol and must be symptom-free for 24 hours before being cleared to play.

Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals resumes in Miami on Saturday.